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April 9 2009
One Shining Moment
Kyle Loveless
April 9 2009
Watching the JC Meter

We have us a true Cinderella story – Mark Green the owner of Hobby Lobby and Mary Fallin are the only two standing.  Both Mary and Mark had their fair share of upset – Mary is still looking confident in her win over the Governor.

Mark Green is still full of confidence from his victory over JC Watts.

The tip off goes to Green, he comes down, shoots the three, nothing but net, not good for Mary Fallin’s state wide zone – her grassroots ability is tremendous – but of course that is in contrast to all of the establishment siding with Green and his hired guns – he has more consultants than he has playing time for – but so far he has managed them fairly well for a political newcomer.

Mary works the ball around, from corner of the state to the other, and the support that she has spent 12 years building looks like it is coming to a head – bad news for Green.  Mary is beating the hired guns on hustling to the ball and she is getting every loose ball and every rebound, sign of a championship team.

Before you know it, it is half time and the Lt. Governor has a five point lead, and both sides are leaving it all out on the court for this one.

Mary comes out blazing in the second half, she is four from four from the three point range, and she shocks Green with a full court press to expand her lead to 12.  Game Over.  Green makes a valiant effort to bridge the gap, gets the lead down to eight, but Mary is in some kind of zone, sinks another 2 three pointers.

 The buzzer sounds, and for one shining moment Mary Fallin has outplayed, outhustled, and outworked all major players.  She is the new Governor of Oklahoma.  87-71.


Did you know that the legislative session if more than half way finished in its legislative days left?  How do you think they are doing – no major tax increase, the bond proposal is now law, signed by Gov. Henry.

I think for the most part, the House GOP is doing a pretty god job, I don’t know how they are doing in positioning themselves to take the Senate or the Governors mansion, but I think the House in GOP hands is better for everyone in Oklahoma.

The Patriot Act is up for renewal.  I think that legislation was a gut reaction to 9-11, but when asking law enforcement officials they all want to see it extended.  I think we need to look at it seriously, with a tough microscope and make changes but in my mind the MOST important thing that can be done with the Patriot Act is that is has a deadline and will expire in three to five years.  How about making an expiration date on all legislation?  It has to be renewed every so often so that Congress can make changes and fix problems, if there are any.

I think the Senate Ethics committee is trying to stick it to our new Senator, Tom Coburn, he is not trying to make money off of his practice, just to keep his patients.  For those that don’t know, Sen. Coburn is a physician who want to practice medicine on the weekends when he is not in DC.  I commend the good doctor and hopefully there can be a compromise, because I think they may get what they wished for, Tom Coburn with more time to learn the Senate rules – watch out US Senate – he is going to really shake things up.  I know the rules of the Senate are written by the Senate, but I figure they would be more flexible, and more in line with our Founding Fathers idea of citizen legislators.  As long as there is no conflict of interest, what is the harm?